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Mar 22, 2021

Excerpt of Shift Orion and Tiana J talking about trying to relax as a fixed sign in Gemini and Saggitarius vibes. 

Come jump in the time machine to a month ago and celebrate Tiana’s 13 year anniversary and hear the story of how she met Joy. Then she preaches about the old chestnut, This Little Light Of Mine.


Mar 14, 2021

Shift Orion is back with his brother Blake (aka Sister Mary HotTakes) resuming the terrible discussion on the unsettling, infuriating legacy of Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider. 

Don’t forget your tin foil hat, “ShitStorm© DeepWeb™” muck boots, and stay hydrated on your Haterade because it’s HOT IN HELL.


Mar 7, 2021

Get ready to be donkey-kicked down a rabbit hole of analyzing kids’ television made by loud sexual predators.

Sister Mary HotTakes, aka Blake, brings us on a logically erratic trek through an absolute nostalgia sewer system to autopsy the impacts of the career 90’s producer Dan Schneider built with his predatory...

Mar 1, 2021

Larry Lyons returns! To platform over Britney Spears’ career & lead us through a rabbit hole full of ghouls with names like Max Martin (a goblin who made a life writing sex songs for children). Francis Lawrence (a mask burp incarnate with a compulsion to cosplay white girls in other cultures’ skins),...

Feb 21, 2021

Audrey Sterling breaks down the impacts of whiteness on white people, surveillance tech, and intellectual prosthetic connection to transhumanist inventions.

Shift bitches about people binging data and using each other as vomitoriums. Lament the open field World Wide Web turning into a technofascist corporatocracy!